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Tory MP Victoria Atkins walked to dispatch box and tried to loudly interrupt environment secretary

The shadow health secretary, Victoria Atkins, has been reprimanded for her behaviour during a parliamentary debate on the king’s speech after she attempted to loudly interrupt another MP.

The Conservative MP stood at the dispatch box and spoke over the secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Steve Reed, while the deputy speaker, Christopher Chope, called for order on Friday.

Chope then told the chamber: “The right honourable lady has behaved abominably.”

The Labour MP Perran Moon said Atkins’s behaviour was “an absolute disgrace” and called for appropriate action to be taken.

The Liberal Democrat MP Helen Morgan wrote on X: “I witnessed this first-hand. The Conservatives proved the electorate got it right: they are not fit for government.”

Josh Fenton-Glynn, the Labour MP for Calder Valley, wrote on X: “I think the fact you don’t get to speak as much in opposition is hard for them to get used to.”

The incident happened during the planning, green belt and rural affairs debate.

On Monday Mr Speaker made a statement at the start of the proceedings about behaviour and conduct without referring to her but you knew who he was referring to in his remarks.

Atkins looked like a fish wife at the fish market bidding for the catch of the day.

Never shy with her opinions on everything from celebrities to world politics, OK! columnist Kerry Katona has said she backs Donald Trump all the way - and maintains she could do a far better job than his rival, Joe Biden.

Whatever you say Ms Koketona, this is the individual who appeared on This Morning slurring her words and took offence at Phillip Schofield asking her questions, personally I think she had been on the juice.

This was one of the best This Morning interviews and worth viewing just to see her car crash interview.

She’s from the school of Katie Price if you get my meaning and the pair are well suited, apparently they are not as close as they used to be due to Price having constant breast surgery, the surgery puts a distance between her and her men and friends.

OK is one trashy publication and Koketona fits in well with it, that is their audience.

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