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World Book Day 2023

Happy World Book Day everyone.

A mum has wowed royal fans after transforming her son into Prince Harry for World Book Day.

Three-year-old Ellis Wright is known for his bold personality, so when he was invited to dress up for the annual occasion, his mum quickly decided on the perfect costume.

Keen to follow her son's wishes, as he didn't want a traditional costume for his first World Book Day at preschool, she suggested the Duke of Sussex and author of Spare - and the youngster loved it.

His mum, Melissa Wright, 36, from Surrey, set to work, creating a costume that's nothing short of a 'masterpiece', as impressed parents have dubbed it.

Using children's hair spray and face paint, she transformed Ellis into Prince Harry, complete with ginger hair and a beard, which her son picked as his favourite part of the outfit.

"I was a bit worried because I guess it is a controversial topic because everybody does have quite a big opinion," Melissa admits. Thankfully, people have agreed the idea is "quite harmless and funny" so far and she's not had any negative feedback.

"Essentially, it is just fun," she added. The single mum also stressed it was a 'tongue in cheek' choice made to delight her little prince, who has not read Spare but shares similarities with its author, according to her.

Melissa explained: "As he's only three, I was giving him some suggestions; the typical sort of Julia Donaldson characters or things three year olds would like to be read. Then, he was like, 'no, no I don't want that one.'

"He is quite feisty, he's definitely got an opinion, which then kind of led me to Harry.

She added: "As a family, we do quite love the royal family. He loved the Jubilee. My mum threw a huge party and he still talks about that now.

"He is a bit obsessed with being a prince as well so I thought it would be perfect."


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