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Never mind the Invictus family, Meghan, what about the relationship with your own father?

How refreshing it was to see Meghan join Harry in Dusseldorf at the Invictus Games, his wonderful sports competition for injured veterans from the Armed Forces.

It was the first time in four months Harry and Megs had appeared together at an official event and their loved-up performance told a rather different story from those rumours that their marriage is in trouble.

Though she arrived three days late, she received a rapturous welcome at the Games' Family & Friends party, apologising and saying she had been tending the children back home, 'getting milkshakes, doing the school run'.

Made her sound just like any old home-spun American Mom which, for someone with nannies, a security detail and housekeepers on tap was a bit of a laugh-out-loud moment.

But then the whole emphasis of this event was 'family', so fair enough. She mentioned the importance of family in the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers — which is perfectly true. She proclaimed: 'I'm really proud to be part of this Invictus family with all of you.'

And Invictus is certainly something to be proud of. But all this family talk had me thinking.

What about her own family? I don't mean the Montecito branch with Harry and their children. I'm talking about her frail father Thomas, the man she turned her back on, who paid for her private education and looked after her when her mother Doria Ragland mysteriously disappeared for years during her childhood.

A father who has never even met her husband Harry or, heartbreakingly, his two grandchildren.

And what about the Royal Family she married into, the one she accused in her vicious and calculating Oprah Winfrey interview of being racist and cruel to her. The one which, since her marriage to Harry, has seen an insurmountable breakdown between him and his brother William.

Not to mention his fractured relationship with sister-in-law Kate and his father King Charles.

Indeed, this week was the first time the Royal Family failed to post a birthday message to Harry.

When Meghan parades her virtue at Invictus and mentions the importance of family, I can't help thinking of the family members she has slighted. And I can't stop thinking how hypocritical it seems.


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