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Margolyes on This Morning again …..

Miriam Margolyes is a national treasure — buried, preferably. Why do so many worship this appalling woman?

ITV's This Morning has framed pictures of agony aunt Miriam, 81, on set, as if she were some holy relic, despite her once stating her wish on TV that Covid-stricken Boris Johnson would die. Ofcom cleared her of any wrongdoing, but what else could it do? Idiot jail was already full.

On her Wednesday agony aunt broadcast, the actress told a caller to lose weight if she wanted to find a boyfriend. She refers to less-abled people as 'cripples', calls short skirts a 'p***y pelmet' and thinks Jeremy Hunt is 'a right b*****d'.

Some see Miriam as bracing and refreshing — but so is a slap in the face with a wet squid. Yet here we are, celebrating one female octogenarian for using outdated language while throwing another under the bus.

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