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Duchess of Sussex as narcissistic as Wallis Simpson, royal biographer claims

Sally Bedell Smith claims there are similarities between Harry and Meghan and Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

The Duchess of Sussex is as narcissistic as Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, a royal biographer has claimed.

Sally Bedell Smith, whose latest book explores the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936, said Prince Harry is as weak as the former King.

She said there were similarities between the Windsors in the 1930s and the Sussexes today - and that Prince William would feel a similar “betrayal” towards Prince Harry as King George VI felt towards his “deceptive” older brother after the abdication.

She told the Oxford Literary Festival, in comments reported by the Times: “It is different. Harry was never going to be King. But I think there are similar feelings of betrayal that have resulted in William in particular being furious with his brother — with good reason.

“They had a difficult childhood but there was a period of time, as was the case with Bertie [Edward VII] and David [Duke of Windsor, formerly Edward VIII], when they were very close.”

“And in some respects Meghan and the Duchess of Windsor have similar qualities: very narcissistic, very controlling, very dominating.

“And if you read David’s letters to his previous lover … you can see how weak he was and how much he needed a domineering woman and it feels as if Harry is somewhat the same way.”

Ms Bedell Smith, who is author of biographies of the late Queen Elizabeth and King Charles, added that both then and now “an American woman came into the picture and changed the dynamic of the whole thing”.

King Edward VIII abdicated after marrying the American socialite Wallis Simpson, who was in the midst of her second divorce.

His younger brother replaced him on the throne and reigned until 1952, when he died of a coronary thrombosis.

The Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales are reported to not be on good terms, having both appeared separately at the Diana Legacy Award event at the Science Museum on Thursday.

Both brothers spoke at the event, with William appearing in person and Harry appearing via a livestream later once his brother had gone home.

Shortly before the Prince of Wales spoke to the specially-invited audience, Meghan returned to Instagram for the first time in four years to launch a new lifestyle brand business venture.

The social media teaser, posted to the new American Riviera Orchard Instagram account, featured a video of the duchess cooking and arranging white hydrangeas and roses.


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