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William Morris Agency

William Morris Agency has signed up Meghan,Duchess of Sussex aka Meghan Markle as a client.

Prior to marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was a little known cable TV actress; a C-list celebrity at best.

Ms Markle realised early on that marrying into the Royal Family would bring her global fame and fortune and she was right.

Markle had no intention of remaining in the UK and fulfilling Royal duties despite Prince Harry explaining to her in detail what would be required - that was far to dull and boring!

After the marriage, her plan was to run back to Hollywood to cash in on her new found status as a “Duchess” - a quick and easy way to become an A-lister without doing any of the hard work.

All the awards, appointments and multimillion dollar contracts Markle has received recently have nothing to do with her mediocre acting ability, or her non existent philanthropy and everything to do with her marrying a high status straight White male

Archewell Duchess of Sussex Markled.

WMA did not approach her when an actress in Suits but obviously of late, see some new talent, WMA please share her new talent as many of us are confused

Let me save WMA the time and effort, the attraction of this signing is the ROYAL connection and that means no talent required as is evident, they are happy with the fact of having someone with a connection to the Royal Family on their books.


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