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Wild Isles or Wild Aisles

Sir David Attenborough has a series called Wild Isles that has just finished on the BBC but at the Palace Theatre in Manchester last week it was more Wild Aisles during a performance of The Bodyguard.

The theatre performance was halted twice and on the second occasion the performance was not completed due to the disturbance and ignorance of some theatregoers.

On the video below you will see the offenders being removed from the theatre and sadly despite many paying in excess of £60 the show was cancelled.

During a discussion on This Morning about such goings-on at the theatre, Vanessa Feltz and Alison Hammond expressed an opinion that it was acceptable behaviour.

There is a show by Cole Porter called 'Anything Goes' but that does not apply at all theatres and all performances of musicals.

There was a good debate around this issue on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

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