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What happened to all the MPs with TikTok accounts?

Politiktok has gone all quiet

What happened to all the parliamentary TikTok accounts? There was a moment when every MP and their dog was muddling through lip-sync videos and working out how to use video captions, despite Parliament banning the app on government phones in March last year. But politicos’ TikTok careers have recently been grinding to a halt.

Even Matt Hancock, who memorably gave a rendition of the Ken song from Barbie on the platform, hasn’t posted in a month. Tory chair Richard Holden, science minister Michelle Donelan and former deputy PM Thérèse Coffey all seem to have thrown in the towel. Maybe they were put off by the numbers. After Coffey’s debut video in December raked in 28 likes, she never posted again. Meanwhile Miriam Cates’ last post in January about banning smartphones for kids clocked up 22 likes.

Hancock is on the left - just in case

Ex-MP Nigel Farage has more luck, regularly posting explainer videos about Snoop Dogg and the Premier League to his 500,000 followers.

A Little Thought:

I am not a TikTok user and have no desire to change things.

Hancock as Ken from Barbie whatever, next I will hear Coffey plays Barbie - now the latter is stretching the imagination.


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