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Trip with the fam­ily? We’d rather have a ‘mate-cation’

The 'mate-cation’ is on the rise, as a poll reveals that nearly two thirds of Britons would rather go on holiday with friends than their partner.

Some 63 per cent prefer to travel abroad with their pals, while eight in ten are actively setting up such trips, research has found.

Having the same interests (48 per cent), having more fun (42 per cent), being able to be yourself (37 per cent), and being able to cut loose (30 per cent) are the main reasons behind booking a ‘mate-cation’.

According to the survey of 2,000, 78 per cent said some of their best holidays have been with friends, with the average Briton taking two trips a year with them.

The research, commissioned by Leonardo Hotels UK & Ireland, found laughing together, having a gossip, getting time to really talk and ‘in jokes’ were some of the highlights of holidaying with mates.

Suzanne Cannon, from the hotel firm, said: ‘The survey reveals how important friendship is to Brits, as six out of ten would rather enjoy a mini break with their pals than their partner.’

A Little Thought:

My husband and I are always amazed when you see couples on holiday and they don't have a word to say to each other, why waste your money as it is probably no change at home.

I did one overseas holiday with an estranged sister Jane Grace, one of the worst holidays as it was all about her and she controlled it,

There was a plus side, it alerted me too her controlling characteristics and bode well for the future.


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