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TodayTix Launches £10,000 Package to See Every West End Show

We are now in the season of goodwill and that can cause frustrations in deciding what gift to get the person who has it all.

Well, if they love the theatre why not treat them to this treat, obviously there are many factors that you need to take into account.

Do you have a spare 10k, is the recipient happy going to the theatre on their own etc

There are some caveats: it doesn’t apply to any show running for less than two weeks, you can only see two shows per week, you can only see each show once, for some reason it doesn’t work on Bank Holiday weekends. You’re also going to have to be fine with going to the theatre on your own, or persuading people to buy expensive tickets in order to accompany you.

I personally don't see this being a success and theatre in general is overpriced and too an extent has become elitist.

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