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This is Fishy: Brighton woman loves king prawns so much she makes Christmas wreath out of them

Yvette Driver used dozens of prawns and a sweet-chilli dip to decorate the festive wreath

A Brighton artist loves king prawns so much that she has made a Christmas wreath out of them. Coined as an "Iceland superfan", Yvette Driver used dozens of king prawns to decorate the outer and inner circles of the decoration, along with creating a sweet-chilli dip centre.

After hanging the quirky decoration on her front door, Yvette took to social media to proudly show off her creation. She captioned it: "@icelandfoods look what I made in honour of the best Christmas product out there, your iconic Prawn Ring!'."

"I'm so obsessed with the iconic King Prawn Ring, I decided to make my own supersized version for my front door this Christmas!," she later said.

Shortly after putting up the photo of the wreath, Iceland reposted it to their own page.

"This is one of the best Christmas decorations we have ever seen. We thought nothing could be more iconic than our prawn ring, but Yvette has gone and made it more so!," Casper Nelson, Marketing Director at Iceland Foods said.


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