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The Life and Death of Lily Savage

The Life and Death of Lily Savage was a fascinating watch with contributions from his daughter, sister, friends and colleagues.

I was a great admirer of Paul O'Grady who brought us Lily Savage, being of a certain vintage myself I had the pleasure of seeing Lily in her younger days and mine at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and she was every inch the star.

I recall one night a drinker was having a funny turn and they had to pause the show to seek medical attention, Lily said to me, if the bitch thinks she's stealing my spot, she's got another f*cking thing coming - pure Savage material.

Ms Lilian Savage was very much the case of 'what you saw was what you got' and no matter how sophisticated the outfit, inside it was good old Lily.

Many of her colleagues are drag acts but none rose to the same heights as Lily Savage.

Even when Lily hung up the wig and heels and transitioned over to Paul O'Grady he became an even bigger star, a man full of wit,charm and personality.

You can catch the documentary on ITVX


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