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Sussex silence speaks volumes

Almost three years ago Meghan Markle told Oprah Winfrey, without naming names, that senior members of the Royal Family had raised 'concerns' about the skin colour of her and Harry's son, Archie, before he was born.

The Sussexes implied, and their supporters cried, this proved the House of Windsor was racist: that poor mixed-race Markle had been marginalised. The shocking allegations threatened to shake many people's faith in the monarchy itself.

Now, thanks to her risible mouthpiece, Omid Scobie — who collaborated with her on his first book Finding Freedom — we know Markle also wrote the King a 'private' letter, setting out her concerns about the supposed racism in the Royal Family.

The Dutch translation of Scobie's book Endgame appears to name both the King himself and Catherine as the so-called 'royal racists'. Scobie insists he never named them, yet Dutch translator Saskia Peeters insists the names were in the original manuscript she worked on: Fact.

Now we are left with a conundrum. How did Scobie get the names of the 'royals racists' when they were in Markle's 'private' letter to Charles?

Sources close to the Duchess have insisted neither she nor her entourage handed Scobie the letter. We can only speculate, therefore, how on earth he managed to get hold of it. 

Whatever the truth, Markle's popularity is plummeting in America, despite her increasingly desperate efforts to reinvent herself. Last month, a Newsweek poll revealed she has dropped to a rating of +10, while Catherine towers above her on +34.

Is it just a coincidence that a version of Scobie's book outrageously attacks Catherine as a 'part-time Stepford royal wife . . . Katie Keen' and worst of all, a racist — the most horrible slur you can sling at anyone?

Is it a mere accident the book attacks the King as well, when everyone knows how sensitive the monarchy is to such cruel accusations?

Is there no end to the Sussexes' quest for vengeance, to their endless trashing of the Royal Family?

Markle might have dreamed of being a new Diana. But she's nothing better than a cardboard cut-out of the late Princess.

All I know is that the more Markle and her mouthpiece Scobie smear Catherine, the more we love and want to protect the woman who will one day be our Queen.

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