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Sam Smith's 'raunchy' new music video sparks debate over age restrictions following release

The video sparked controversy on social media. Picture: Sam Smith

Sam Smith has sparked a fierce online debate over music video age restrictions after the release of their new single, I'm Not Here To Make Friends, divided the internet.

The 'Like I Can' hitmaker's latest release sees them arrive at a castle via helicopter before dancing provocatively in a corsets, suspenders and nipple tassels.

Despite being celebrated by the singer's fiercely loyal fanbase, many viewers have also called for the tightening of age restrictions following the video's release.

The video coincided with the release of Smith's new album Gloria which hit streaming services on Friday.

One particular scene sees dancers writhing on beds dressed in nothing but black leather pants, while another sees the group surround the singer whilst moving provocatively.

The music video for the new single has divided the internet, with one disappointed Twitter user writing: "No f***ing need, it's blatant tacky sexualised bulls**t. As a mum of teenagers, I'm sick of seeing people using s**t like this to sell their music."

Meanwhile another user compared the video to self-confessed misogynist Andrew Tate.

They wrote: "If we’re crunching down on Andrew Tate for apparently warping children’s minds…we should be banishing Sam Smith to Mars. #SAMSMITH #AndrewTate."

It follows the 30-year-old singer-songwriter announcing they were non-binary in 2019, with Smith asking people use they/them pronoun when being referenced.

A number of commenters also noted parents should be more vigilant about the material viewed by their children online if Smith's new image raises concerns.

Smith's video has divided opinion across the internet, despite fans praising the singer's latest release. Picture: Universal Music

One Twitter user added: "If women can produce videos acting 'vulgar' and being 'very sexual', why can't Sam Smith? Everyone seems to be alright seeing female singers do it, but not alright seeing #SAMSMITH do it. The songs your 8 year olds sing are all about having sex, so maybe think on that!!!"

The video went down a treat with Sam’s fans.

Viewers pointed out that similar videos by women or featuring women in similarly sexualised scenarios don’t draw nearly the same criticism.

In a tweet bemoaning the backlash, one person wrote: "All this Sam Smith ridicule just proves that heterosexual, cis people don’t want queer people being visibly queer in public: 'I’m fine with you being gay, just don’t show it'.


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