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Rupert Murdoch to marry for fifth time at 92: ‘I knew this would be my last’

Rupert Murdoch and Ann-Lesley Smith Photograph: Jenna Bascom Photography

Rupert Murdoch is officially engaged to former police chaplain Ann Lesley Smith.

They locked in the engagement on St. Patrick’s Day, with the Murdoch announcing the big news in his newspaper, the New York Post, in an interview on Monday.

The media mogul felt “very nervous” to pop the question to Smith, stating to the New York Post: “I dreaded falling in love — but I knew this would be my last,” he divulged to the publication. “It better be. I’m happy.”

Murdoch, 96, has been steadily seeing his fiancée, 66, since September last year, just one month after he officially sealed his divorce from supermodel Jerry Hall in August.

Murdoch said in the profile that he gave Smith an Asscher-cut diamond solitaire ring.

Smith stated that she can “speak Rupert’s language” and “share the same beliefs.” Smith was previously married to country singer Chester Smith.

The New York Post confirmed that the couple would officially marry in the summer of 2023.

So Ann Lesley Smith, what attracted you to the 92 year old billionaire ?


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