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Remembering Agnes

Today marks the sixteenth anniversary of Agnes passing, passed to young at 51 years old.

There is not a day goes past that she is not in my thoughts, Agnes unlike her sisters Jane aka Jayne Grace and Ruth Rose she had no malice or hidden agenda in her genes.

Agnes was a prime example of what you saw was what you got, she had no airs and graces and was happy with a fiver in her pocket or fifty pounds in her pocket.

Sadly with us being at different parts of the country it meant we did not see each other as often as we would have wished, but kept in touch by other means.

Jane Grace once said in a written communication that the passing is history, in my opinion that is a very callous way of describing the loss of a loved one but that is in keeping with the character.

I will remember Agnes today, tomorrow and eternity.

D x


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