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Prince Harry in the UK

A lot of talk this morning around should King Charles be meeting Prince Harry who has popped up in the UK to attend a preliminary hearing at the High Court.

The talk is that the King has a busy schedule hence no free time and that is understandable considering his diary engagements are planned months in advance.

When Her Majesty The Queen passed last September, Prince Harry flew to Balmoral on the day but could not leave quick enough, he departed first thing the following morning.

The King and Queen Consirt had been due to be in Paris for the last few days, if the trip had not been postponed they would not have been in the country anyway and once the trip was postponed that would mean his diary being filled with other engagements.

Prince Harry has shown a complete lack of respect for his family in video and print and he can't now expect them all to forget it and be at his beck and call.

It was not long ago he stated he was waiting for an 'apology, think he better get comfortable,.


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