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Poor Advance for Liz Truss

It can be argued that both Liz Truss and Boris Johnson occupied 10 Downing St for too long.

In Johnson’s case it was several years. In Truss’s case 49 days.

Truss’s memoir/manifesto Ten Years to Save the West is published today. It should really have been called 49 Days That Shook The World.

However she (or someone) has actually written it and she received an advance of £1,512.88.

Truss did better in the US where she got an advance of £6.141.40. The publisher specialises in books promoting conspiracy theories

Boris Johnson’s Memoir of his time at No.10 may or may not get written.

His book on Shakespeare is long overdue. He has been paid an advance of more than £500,000

Both politicians worship the free market and its clear where market forces have focused here

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