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Petronella Wyatt on Lady Hussey

I think Petronella Wyatt has captured the thoughts of many in her article in The Spectator on her friend Lady Susan Hussey.

The questioning by Lady Hussey of Mary Headley aka Ngozi Fulani was rather unfortunate but reading between the lines I am lead to ask was there an ulterior motive in the replies of

Mary Headley aka Ngozi Fulani.

The victim recalled verbatim the words that took place between herself and Lady Hussey and then said in her round of media interviews that the rest of the event was a blur, surprising that was the case if she had such good recollection of the conversation in question.

The victim runs a charity called Sistah Space and the criteria of who they help may be questionable and be racist in wording.

Although you cannot take as gospel a lot of what you read online and in the media, there appears to be many questions that need answering on the said charity around its background and ethics.


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