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Nadine Dorries

The Tory MP and former minister Nadine Dorries has resigned her Commons seat and accused Rishi Sunak of “demeaning his office” by speaking out against her.

It was not just Sunak, many others in government had called for her to resign after stating she was going to be doing so, more importantly her constituents were calling for her to go due to not representing fully as their MP.

Yesterday was a good day for many, firstly the constituents of Dorries in Mid Bedfordshire who have been spitting feathers with her lack of attendance in representing them as their MP.

In June Dorries said she was standing down as an MP with immediate effect, Dorries has a different understanding of the meaning immediate than you and I, her immmmmediate stretched over several months.

Dorries announced her intention to quit parliament when Johnson stood down as an MP in early June. However, she caused confusion by refusing to resign formally, and irritation by continuing to draw an MP’s salary. Justifying her actions, she said she was waiting for an explanation as to why Johnson’s proposal that she should get a peerage was blocked.

She was expecting to be put in the House of Lords by Boris Johnson but when that did not transpire sat on her resignation until now, ultimately the heat got to much.

She claims that her and her team, a team that includes her daughters have been working on cases, obviously she had time on her hands if she can write such a lengthy letter of resignation with such bitterness.

One of her daughters Jennifer Dorries has been employed in the UK Parliament since 2012 in a variety of roles, interesting.

Philippa Dorries has also been in similar employment during the time that her mother being an MP.

The tone of her letter shows the true character of the individual and it is worrying that such individuals on occasions can hold positions in the cabinet.

She named the current government as a zombie government, might agree partly with this thought as her friend Thérèse Coffey is part of the current intake.

Who cares if she took Rishi Sunak's call, it shows how petulant she is in thinking we are interested.

She has selective memory, a lot of what Sunak has had to pickup was caused during the Premiership of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss and she supported both and was part of the cabinet.

Dorries personal attack of Sunak's clothing and footwear is nothing short of petty and would she have said the same thing about the shabby and unhygienic appearance of Boris Johnson ?

It has been raised that if local elected councillors do not attend a certain number of council meetings in a term then the position of the councillor goes up for re-election, as with MPs they are there to represent the constituents both in the council chambers and House of Commons.

She did an interview today and stated she had recently seen documents relating to her but could not discuss as marked CLASSIFIED and SECRET - she won't be privy to such nowadays but must give her a kick if thinking we believe her.

She questions what Sunak's place in history will be, what will the history books say about Nadine Dorries?


Her letter is full of personal bile.

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