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Move On

It is comical to say the least at what people have come out with following me sharing the handling of the passing of my Mum.

Two accusations, one is that I am feeling guilty and the other is I'm playing the victim in sharing the story.

On the first point of guilt, I feel no guilt whatsoever as I did more than most for my Mother even when little or no gratitude was shown in return.

Secondly, I have no reason to play a victim and certainly don't see myself as such, I've basically been sharing a story as I saw it unfold, that does not make someone a victim, it's purely a case of wanting others to see the bigger picture from my perspective and they can then decide how they see it and judge me if need be.

Was asked why Ian and James do not want any contact with me ?

A rather silly question considering even prior to Mum passing, years would pass without any contact from both, so no reason why that would have changed now and happy with the situation as it is.

Likewise there was next to no communication with others in the years preceding Mum's passing and now we can all go back to that impasse.

Despite what some think, I have many friends and with the best part of 20,000 visitors to my website I think that speaks volumes.

In any relationship be it family or friends, I prefer to have quality rather than quantity, if there is any silver lining to the passing of Mum, it is that the true characters have shown their credentials, myself included,

Anyway despite what others think and their veiled accusations, thank you for your emails, messages via Twitter/X and other communications - all appreciated.

It's time to MOVE ON

D x

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