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Matt Hancock on thin ice

Holly Willoughby spoke to Matt Hancock next to Paul Chuckle live on Dancing On Ice

Dancing On Ice has been hit by fresh controversy tonight after everyone's least favourite I'm A Celebrity star and current serving MP Matt Hancock appeared on the ITV skating show.

Hancock presided over a widely criticised Covid policy in government before resigning in disgrace after being caught having an affair. The serving MP then went into the jungle on I'm A Celebrity at the end of 2022.

Tonight, Matt Hancock appeared on ITV's Dancing On Ice alongside Paul Chuckle, of the Chuckle brothers, in the audience, for no apparent reason.

Viewers reacted with white hot rage as the former Health Secretary was interviewed live by Holly Willoughby, who asked him if he would consider donning some sequins and taking part in Dancing On Ice.

Matt Hancock has appeared on Dancing on Ice tonight (Image: ITV1)

Dancing On Ice viewers were furious and accused ITV of pushing Matt Hancock on the nation just a few months after his I'm A Celeb stint.


@cass_lyons said: "Why the hell is Hancock on #dancingonice WHY WHY WHY Let’s have a laugh with this normal guy…."

@jpkastein said: "He knows a thing about a Party doesn’t he!! #MattHancock on #DancingOnIce why are we celebrating this dude!"

@barefootlady said: "What the actual f*** is that Hancock bloke doing in the audience of #dancingonice????? FFS!!!"

@bobbydazz12 said: "OFFS! Matt Hancock on #DancingonIce?"

@daibidhp65 said: "Why the f*** are @ITV still trying to force @MattHancock on us?"

@ACNHisland said: "Why is Matt Hancock randomly in the dancing on ice audience sat next to Paul chuckle"

Matt Hancock appeared on Dancing On Ice tonight (Image: ITV)

@francescajayne_said: "ITV really are appalling. Consistently giving Matt Hancock airtime like he’s some sort of lovable celebrity. What are you thinking???? ITV?"

@poochface said: "FFS Matt Hancock? Don't you dare sign him up. You'll risk losing the majority of your audience."

@jbfletcher15 said: "Hahaha no one clapped for Hancock"

@whopottervian said: "'Matt Hancock is here' - NO! Get him away, get him away!

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