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Liz Truss: No10 was a prison infested with fleas

Downing Street was a prison infested with fleas caused by Boris Johnson’s dog Dilyn, Liz Truss has claimed in her new book.

The former prime minister said that she spent her first weeks in the job “itching” because of a flea infestation at Number 10, which she said some believed was a result of Mr Johnson’s dog.

She also compared herself to a “prisoner” when resident in Downing Street, saying that “just being stuck there” was one of the most difficult things to get used to.

Well Truss must be grateful that her time came to an abrupt end causing her eviction.

Truss took office on Sept 6 2022, and was Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister, with 44 days in Number 10.

Her forthcoming book is being serialised in The Daily Mail and sounds like a whinge fest, she moans about fleas but then passes the buck, if no conclusive evidence perhaps best left out.

Are we to assume there is now an enquiry underway to find the source of fleas ?

She talks about hair and makeup, did she have it pre Premier days ?

Truss was a bore for 44 days and has not changed in the years following her eviction.

She is coming out with all this dross, with just 44 days you are going to be limited in your experiences.

I predict the book will be in The Works within weeks/months.

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