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Keighley bakery hits back over celebrity cake request

A baker has won praise for her response to a company asking for a free birthday cake for a celebrity in exchange for exposure.

Rebecca Severs, from Keighley, founded Three Little Birds Bakery seven years ago, which sells a selection of cakes, as well as offering baking classes.

Earlier this week, she shared a Facebook post with a screenshot of an email exchange between the bakery and the PR company which represents an unidentified 'well-known' celebrity asking for a cake for a 40th birthday party in September. They also requested 100 cupcakes and an extra smaller birthday cake for her husband.

She wrote: 'This poor celebrity apparently can't afford to pay people for their products and services. Spare a thought! What happened to women supporting women.'

Many other users were quick to support Rebecca, with one posting: 'I love love love your reply!!! Scrounges trying to freeload everywhere…good for you.'

Rebecca Severs, from Keighley, has won praise for her response to a company asking for a free birthday cake for a celebrity in exchange for exposure

The email from the celebrity management team read: 'We are organising a 40th Birthday Party for a well-known celebrity on the 1st of September 2023 in Manchester.

'In return for being a supplier for the event, payment would be made in the form of promotion on their socials with over 700K followers, as well as promoted on OK Magazine.

'They will be crediting all the suppliers on these platforms.'

It continued: 'The party has a guest list full of celebrities and industry people from tv/film and music, so loads of work would come from it.'

The email went on to outline that the birthday theme has been designed with 'pinks, sparkles and a touch of flamingos'.

They then requested one birthday cake with the theme 'camp as tits', as well as 100 cupcakes.

Finally, they asked for another, smaller, birthday cake because 'it's actually her husband's birthday that day and we wanted to surprise him.'

In response to the email, the bakery said: 'I'm so sorry to hear that your client has fallen out on such hard times they can't afford to pay small businesses for their products.

'Unfortunately, as my mortgage provider doesn't take payment "in the form of promotion on their socials", and my staff can't feed their kids with exposure on Instagram, I'll have to decline your very generous offer.'

The email claimed to be from the management company of a 'well-known celebrity' who was having a 40th birthday party 

Using the hashtag 'Exposure doesn't pay the bills', the Three Little Birds Bakery shared their response to the email 

Rebecca emailed the company back, explaining that she would be declining the 'very generous offer'

The bakery was met with a wave of support for the post, with one person commenting: 'Best response! Good for sticking to your guns!'

Meanwhile another added: 'Good for you!'

A third wrote: 'Love it!'

A fourth commented: 'Got yourself a new follower here, purely because this response is exactly the level of business like sarcasm I aspire to. Fab response.'

Another person wrote: 'We have this a lot. Influencers are very frustrating and most expect everything for free.

'It happens more often than people know. Like you say, exposure doesn't pay the mortgage.'

Days later, the bakery put another post up on social media saying they have now been 'threatened' with legal action and added: 'I've now been threatened with legal action by….as a response to this post which they say is encouraging defamation of their business.'

Many Facebook users heaped praise on Rebecca for the comment, saying it was 'good' for the baker

Online, Rebecca is described as leaving her career as an editor in legal publishing after welcoming three daughters, before setting up her business.

She writes: '​A baking enthusiast since toddlerhood, it's been so exciting and exhilarating to turn a passion into a business.

'I love the creative side of my job, from designing cakes through to putting the finishing touches to the sugar flowers on a gorgeous wedding cake.

'I feel so honoured that I get to be a part of some of the most special days of your lives and help make them even more amazing!

Online, Rebecca is described as leaving her career as an editor in legal publishing after welcoming three daughters before setting up her business

'I also really enjoy running a business and all the challenges and achievements that come with that.'

A one-tiered 'naked' cake from the business costs upwards of £30, while the 'one-tier really fancy cakes' costs upwards of £195.

Speaking to the Independent about her work, Rebecca said she had a passion for 'people being valued properly for their time and their skill' in the industry.

She said: 'If you're not getting paid properly for it, it's not something you can do.'

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