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Kay Burley on Downing Street parties

A bit rich of patronising Kay Burley to post on breaking rules when she herself broke rules that resulted in a suspension [see below] from Sky News.

We must assume she is well over her period of reflection.

There is a well known expression, people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Article on Burley suspension when she broke rules:

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s Sky News said its breakfast show anchor Kay Burley would be taken off air for six months after she broke COVID-19 guidelines when she celebrated her 60th birthday with friends and colleagues in London on Saturday evening.

Burley, a founder presenter on the 24-hour news channel set up by Rupert Murdoch nearly 32 years ago who says she has done “more live TV than anyone else”, said she had agreed to step back “for a period of reflection”.


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