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Kate Garraway and trolls

Last week it was Her Royal Higness The Princess of Wales, this week the trolls have turned to Kate Garraway.

It is despicable the way some behave, be it making false allegations or harassment.

There is much reporting on Kate Garraway appearing on many shows talking about the latest documentary on her late husband Derek Draper.

She is only doing what others do when they have something to promote and she herself says people must be getting fed up with her.

Charles Spencer has a book out and is doing the media rounds, are trolls trolling him ?

The latest programme was focussing more on Derek and his health improvements at the time of filming but just as importantly around the lack of help with social care.

She has admitted being in serious debt and one report thinks 1.5 million, would the trolls like that around their neck ?

I can only hope those criticising Kate Garraway never find themselves in a similar position because when they do they will know the real issues she has faced, she has shown strength, fortitude, compassion, love and care.

The qualities above are all lacking in the trolls and if truth be told they also lack education and intelligence.

I would rather listen to Kate Garraway than read what trolls have to say.

The whole point of the film was to shine a light on the care system, and help so many others suffering from its failures.

'Kate used her profile to magnificently powerful effect and deserves our gratitude not sniping. She's a brilliant woman who's been through 4yrs of utter hell.'

As she has said in a couple of interviews, one day WE WILL ALL either need care or become the carer.

When such time hits the trolls, they will see how caring can be life changing.


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