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Jeremy Clarkson on Meghan Markle

Jeremy Clarkson is what some class as an acquired taste.

I'm not a fan of his as I'm not of Meghan Markle but he has drawn the line with his thoughts printed in The Sun - below:

It is worrying that this was approved for publishing and is this living proof that newspapers no longer employ sub-editors or even editors?

He states 'everyone who's my age' thinks the same way.

Well I'm two years younger than Clarkson and thankfully do not have the same thoughts, this is the worst comments I have seen on Meghan Markle and if others are along the same line, she does have a point in raising concerns.

Mr Clarkson is of a vintage that should know better, I think on occasions he goes for the shock effect.

I'm glad to read that a large number of people including public figures are pulling him up, his employer be it The Sun or a broadcasting company need to review their relationship with him as the majority of us do not want to hear such thoughts.


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