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Dame Shirley Bassey to be honoured with special stamps from the Royal Mail

A set of eight stamps showing moments from Dame Shirley Bassey's careerCredit: Royal Mail

Dame Shirley Bassey is to be honoured with her own set of stamps from the Royal Mail - the first solo female artist to get her own dedicated stamp issue.

The Royal Mail has revealed the 12 stamps being issued to celebrate the Tiger Bay-born icon, 70 years from the start of her career in 1953.

David Bowie, Sir Elton John, and Sir Paul McCartney have all previously been honoured with a dedicated stamp issue, but Dame Shirley is the first female solo artist to receive one.

Shirley Bassey performing on a TV show in 1963Credit: Royal Mail

Dame Shirley said: "I am absolutely thrilled and would never have dreamed that one day my face would be on a stamp - that one day a letter might arrive and there I am, with a postmark next to me!

"It's an absolute honour to be the first solo female artist to receive a collection from Royal Mail. The stamps are wonderful, and I hope my fans & collectors love them as much as I do."

Eight stamps in the collection capture moments from her career, including a performance at London's Pigalle nightclub in 1965, singing with Bryn Terfel at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup in 1999, and performing at the Oscars in 2013.

Singing ‘World in Union’ (with Bryn Terfel) during the Opening Ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, 1999Credit: Royal Mail

Four more stamps feature photographs taken during recording and rehearsal sessions throughout her career.

Born in Cardiff's Tiger Bay in 1937, Dame Shirley toured theatres before signing a record deal with Philips and scoring a hit with 'As I Love You' in 1959.

Some of her most well-known work was on the James Bond themes with film composer John Barry. 'Diamonds are Forever,' 'Goldfinger', and 'Moonraker' became her signature songs.

Dame Shirley is the first solo female singer to be honoured with a dedicated stamp issueCredit: Royal Mail

Earlier this year, she became the first female singer on a limited-edition series by the Royal Mint, which includes Queen, Sir Elton John, David Bowie, The Who and The Rolling Stones.

The 86-year-old received her own coin featuring her own silhouette.

David Gold, Director of External Affairs and Policy for the Royal Mail said: “For seven decades Dame Shirley Bassey has captivated fans across the world with her distinctive and powerful voice. This stamp issue is a fitting celebration of one of the UK’s most revered and longest serving musical icons.”

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