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Cheaper Tube fares on Fridays under ‘pre-election gimmick’ by Sadiq Khan

Please tell me it's not only me that thinks London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a muppet of the first order.

Over the last month or so he has been waving the money around as if from a money tree, he seems to think we are not aware of the pending Mayoral election in May hence his many initiatives.

The latest gives 60+ Oyster users free travel anytime on a Friday - pre pandemic you could travel anytime with the said pass but they made out at the start of the pandemic that bringing in the restriction would cut the number of passengers travelling and in turn cut the spread of the virus.

As time passed, it was realised the restriction brought in lots of revenue as a large number of over 60s still work and need to travel before 0900 hence had to pay and the restriction was not reversed post pandemic.

The change announced will not help the majority of over 60s as they don't just work on a Friday.

Likewise he - in my opinion saving of £2 on a Friday is not going to encourage people back to the office, pre pandemic Thursday was the new Friday and a large percentage of the workforce went out and worked from home the following day giving the impression of a long weekend.

The initiative is on a 3 month trial from March and this then takes just beyond the election and mark my word, it will be reversed.

I'm sure technology allows the change to be made more or less immediately but of course by starting in February for three months does not cover the mayoral election.

Khan thinks we fall for his gimmicks but thankfully most of us are wise to his antics and he is not worthy of our vote.

Khan should take note of this article that shows a large percentage of the workforce are still working from home and employers are happy with the arrangement.


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