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Burrell out of the closet again

Yet again Burrell is out of the closet claiming he has secrets relating to their mother that he wants to share with them.

It is over 25 + years since Burrell was employed by the Royal Household and over 30 years since being part of the main household, this meaning he knows as much as you and I on the running of it along with the relationships etc within the family.

Lorraine Kelly wheels him out every few weeks and he claims to talks with such authority, ranging from the late Queen being like his surrogate mother too more recent events.

He can tell us what he likes, it is just his opinion and side of the story, he knows the royal family as a rule don't speak out.

They did on one occasion when Burrell betrayed their mother and sold his story in a book about his time with her, William and Harry made their feelings on him, along with his betrayal very clear in an unprecedented televised statement

If Burrell has something he wants to share with William and Harry why not write a private letter, we don't need to know he has some so-called secrets that he needs to pass on due to his current health situation.

Of course Burrell loves the attention and there is none by writing to them direct.

Burrell is obsessed with Princess Diana and his employment with the Royal Household and will sadly milk until the last drop.

If he had any respect for Diana, her family and friends along with himself he would close that chapter of his life and cherish the memories.

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