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British Red Cross Morocco Earthquake Appeal

The situation in Morocco is heartbreaking following the devastating earthquake on Friday that has claimed nearly 3000 lives and caused many more injuries alongside widespread devastation.

There are many ways we can help be it donating material objects or making a cash donation to one of the many appeals such as the British Red Cross.

I do appreciate at this time many are feeling the burden following price increases in daily and household costs but whatever you can give would help immensely in the efforts of helping the people of Morocco.

Having stayed in the country on numerous occasions over the last twenty years, I can honestly say you will never meet more hospitable people, it is a very poor country but they still want to give you something.

They very much rely on the tourist trade both in Marrakesh and throughout the country, sadly the current situation will affect the trade as people will be nervous.

To learn more about the appeal and how you can help please click on the image below, this will take you to the British Red Cross.

No amount is to small or to large but greatly appreciated by those you are helping.

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