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Body Shop removes men's section in its shops to make them more gender-neutral following complaints

The Body Shop says it will no longer have a dedicated men's section in its stores

Body Shop has removed the men’s section in its shops to make them more gender-neutral, according to its UK boss.

The beauty brand’s UK managing director, Maddie Smith, said workers complained about having a separate area for men’s products.

Ms Smith added: ‘Our teams said: “We don’t like the men’s bay because we feel it is too segmented and we would much rather welcome everyone, and say everything is for everyone”.’

She said that getting rid of the dedicated section could save the firm money by freeing up more space in its shops, adding: ‘Our products are non-gender-specific.

'With some of our fragrances, different people have different tastes, but all of our skincare and bodycare can be used by anybody.’

However, the firm still labels certain items, such as shaving products, 'for men'

However, the group still sells items labelled as ‘for men’, including shaving products. 

The Body Shop has always traded on its ethical credentials, and has put more emphasis on boosting shoppers’ self-esteem. 

It renamed its ‘Drops of Youth’ line ‘Edelweiss’ in a bid to fight ageism, for instance. 

The brand has just been put up for sale by Brazilian group Natura, which bought it from L’Oreal in 2017 for £880 million.

A Little Thought:

I have been a client of The Body Shop for many years but have got frustrated when they stop selling some products that are popular.

Likewise their pricing has rocketed - the said shaving cream was £9 not long ago and is now £12

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