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Adele praised for angrily rebuking anti-Pride fan at concert: ‘Are you stupid?’

‘If you have nothing nice to say, shut up,’ infuriated singer told fan

Adele launched a sweary tirade against a homophobic heckler who shouted “Pride sucks” at her concert.

On Saturday (1 June), as Pride month began, the singer, who is known to candidly interact with her audience members, was left infuriated by the interruption during her latest Las Vegas’s Colosseum in Caesars Palace.

After hearing the unnamed man loudly criticise the movement dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, Adele called them out in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

The “Hello” and “Set Fire to the Rain” singer fired back: “Did you come to my f***ing show and just say that Pride sucks? Are you f***ng stupid? Don’t be so f****** ridiculous. If you have nothing nice to say, shut up, all right?”

The singer has been praised online, with one person writing on X/Twitter: “I love Adele for this!” Another added: “Adele always speaks her mind, that’s why I love her, she doesn’t give af,” with one person adding: “To have ADELE of all people go off on you means you REALLY said something wrong.”

Others highlighted how embarrassing it must be to be called out by the star you’ve gone to see.

Adele has been a strong advocate for Pride over the years, and called the LGBTQ+ community her “soul mates since I was really young”.

Following an attack on members of the LGBTQ+ community in 2016, Adele dedicated her “entire show to everybody in Orlando and at Pulse nightclub last night”.

Adele previously went viral after the singer paused a concert to stand up for a fan who was seemingly being hassled by a security guard.

The singer was in the middle of performing her 2015 song “Water Under the Bridge” in August 2023 when she spotted a situation from the stage.

“What is going on there with that young fan who’s been bothered so much since I came on for standing up?” the Grammy winner asked, adding; “Why are you bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please? They won’t bother you anymore, darling. You enjoy the show. Leave him alone.”


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