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Ac­cu­sa­tions but lit­tle ev­i­dence in sup­port of them coming from Sussex whingers

AFTER six hours of the Sussexes’ Netflix “truth bombs” the dust is settling on what we have learnt.

Most people would probably concede that it was an intriguing watch: we were taken inside the Sandringham summit which signalled Harry and Meghan’s exit from their royal life.

We learnt what happened when the family gathered after Prince Philip’s funeral and we were told about an institution riddled with petty jealousies.

All this, of course, from one side. Harry and Meghan’s.

It was a love story, shot through with vitriol about the Palace communications team (they lie), the family (William is a bully, Charles doesn’t tell the truth and the Queen was driven by her instinct to protect the institution), and worst of all: the evil media.

What we didn’t get was much evidence to back up these accusations.who told Meghan she was like a foreign organism who didn’t look or behave like the rest of them?

What didwilliam say in the text that Harry shows to Meghan and which was so upsetting?where are the examples of negative briefings their lawyer says she has seen? You have had six hours to dish the dirt: we needed names, places, dates.

Harry’s belief that the stress caused by a litigation battle with the Mail led to Meghan’s miscarriage is tragic.

But so many of their complaints about the British tabloids are supported by headlines from American publications. For example: “Queen blasts Meghan”… from the National Enquirer.

Harry and Meghan were deeply unhappy in their royal lives. That much is clear. They wanted to challenge the whole system and they have done so.

They found a way out and we were treated to delightful pictures of their young family enjoying their Californian lifestyle.that, says Harry, is now home sweet home.

Meghan says all she wants now is peace and to reconnect with the anchor of friends and family. Harry wants his father and brother to apologise (for quite what is unspecified).

But a reconnection with the Royal Family is now almost inconceivable and Meghan remains estranged from her father and half-siblings.

Meghan’s oft-repeated mantra is “love wins”. But it only happens, it seems, after a gigantic dollop of revenge has been served up.

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